Working together for a better Ipswich

Ipswich Vision partners:

Introducing Ipswich Vision

"Renewing and reviving the town centre by a remodelling around linkages between the park, the railway station, the marina, and the commercial heart. The ambition is for a more compact, useable, liveable, vibrant and differentiated town centre for everyone; a place that is proud of its maritime history, celebrates its exceptional leisure and cultural offer, is open to innovative ideas and technologies, and which, through a people-centric approach, constantly stimulates new and exciting social experiences."

Vision Statement


Redeveloping key sites in the town, while promoting Ipswich as a prime location for new homes, businesses and retailers to a national and international audience

Inward Investment

Develop and promote inward investment projects and campaigns that transform the town's economy

Visitor Economy

Presenting Ipswich as the place to stay when visiting Suffolk by boosting the town's historical, cultural and leisure offer

Social Mobility

Forging new opportunities for members of the community to fulfil their personal ambitions


Improving town centre streets and major travel hubs, as well as renovating key public buildings