Introducing Ipswich Vision

That people on all levels and from all communities feel increasingly engaged and proud, as we pool our greatest opportunities and our biggest assets to establish a vibrant town centre…

Vision Statement

Ipswich Vision is a partnership project that aims to deliver a single vision: namely, to create the successful county town centre that Ipswich and Suffolk expect and deserve.

The Ipswich Vision Board is a unique partnership, bringing together seven of Ipswich’s primary civic leaders. Across the UK, major civic parties rarely collaborate in this way. But already it’s proving to be the most effective and productive means of getting things done.

Together, the Vision partners have now agreed what the vision for Suffolk’s county town should be – a place where people want to be and where businesses want to invest.

As a partnership, we’re committed to meeting businesses, visitors and investors’ expectations for rich, cohesive ‘experiences’ combining history, culture, retail and leisure.

To achieve this, we’ve identified a number of priority areas that must be addressed, including Regeneration, Transport, Shopping, Workplaces, Public Buildings and Public Spaces.

And we’ve agreed on values, processes and structures so that we can work together, co-ordinate advice on delivering and designing individual projects, as well as attract and pool funding.

Several priorities have been identified and ambitious dates set for completion. Already £18.55m has been committed with a further £85m in the pipeline, subject to final agreements within the next 12 months.

While the Board will identify a lead partner for each of the priorities, they’ll be delivered collaboratively – and with each one, we’ll be focusing on delivering tangible results.

Click on any of the priority areas below to find out more about the transformational range of projects already completed and others now well underway.


Redeveloping key sites in the town, while promoting Ipswich as a prime location for new homes, businesses and retailers to a national and international audience


Develop and promote inward investment projects and campaigns that transform the town's economy


Presenting Ipswich as the place to stay when visiting Suffolk by boosting the town's historical, cultural and leisure offer


Forging new opportunities for members of the community to fulfil their personal ambitions


Improving town centre streets and major travel hubs, as well as renovating key public buildings

Board Members

Ipswich Vision is a unique partnership of seven of Ipswich’s major ‘gatekeepers’ who have come together to take responsibility for establishing Ipswich as East Anglia’s Waterfront Town.