A new strategy for improving town centre streets and public spaces

Ipswich Borough Council commissioned consultants to deliver a Public Realm Strategy for the town. Their work took place this summer and the consultants reported back to the council late in 2017. The borough council and their Ipswich Vision partners will now consider the report’s recommendations before settling on a plan of action.

Public realm refers to the shared spaces to which the public has free access, between buildings, including streets and squares. So this new strategy looks to enhance the look and feel of public spaces, principally in Ipswich’s town centre and Waterfront areas. And it will guide the commissioning of new hard and soft landscaping works, such as street furniture, street trees and paved surfacing design.

For example, Giles Circus is one of the most recent successes for the town centre. Ipswich Borough Council will ensure that new development proposals include similar public realm spaces in any major new town centre developments.

Evidence from towns in other parts of the UK underlines how important refurbishment projects like the one now completed at the heart of Ipswich Town Centre on the Cornhill, which is already showing signs of increasing footfall and retail spend.

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