Complete construction of the Upper Orwell Crossings

The County Council and its partners is driving forward the creation of three elegantly designed bridges that will link the east and west banks of the River Orwell. The aim is to provide a long-needed new route for cross-town traffic, and give access to the port’s island site, opening this newly created Enterprise Zone site to development that can create jobs, growth and prosperity.

Because of the relief this new route would give to traffic congestion along the Waterfront, this proposed Wet Dock Crossing would also allow further re-modelling of the Star Lane gyratory, providing a better link for pedestrians between the Waterfront and the Saints Quarters. It should also help relieve pressure on the Orwell Bridge.

The delivery of the Upper Orwell Crossings will be a transformative catalyst to the regeneration of the area. Including new promenades and beautiful public spaces between the Waterfront, inner harbour and island, official projections estimate that this will be a very high value-for-money scheme, bringing around £300m of transport benefits and £6.5bn of wider economic benefits.

Willis Building architects Fosters + Partners have been selected for their exceptional designs. The £75.5m funding has been secured from the Department of Transport. The local financial contribution of £19.1m is also confirmed and is available. And ground investigations got under way in January 2018.

Crossings A and B will be new road crossings, for all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, while Crossing C will be for cyclists and pedestrians only.

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