Complete the development of St Peter’s Dock, gateway to the Waterfront

Since Ipswich Borough Council has bought the St Peters warehouse site and closed the temporary car park alongside it, plans are well under way to develop this important gateway to the Waterfront.

The Waterfront is of course one of our town’s most prized assets. Finding a solution that transforms this gateway could amplify the Waterfront’s already significant impact on the town even further.

The site is found between Stoke Bridge and St Mary Le Quay church, and an in-depth archaeological study has already been completed to ensure any development wouldn’t compromise anything of historical value. Existing redevelopment plans for the wider area have also been taken into account.

Extensive work is nearly complete transforming the footway, road and lighting, as well as introducing a new cycleway. Meanwhile, work is well under way to highlight the potential and availability of the buildings on the site and could well be finalised, soon.

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