Towards the best value parking of any large town across the region

Developing a parking strategy that supports the use and growth of Ipswich’s town centre is in the hands of Ipswich Borough Council.

Their new parking strategy currently forming will include developing town centre car parks, Park and Ride, plus advanced customer information and payment systems, such as using mobile phones to pay for parking.

For example, Ipswich Borough Council’s new multi-storey Crown Street Car Park makes nearly 550 spaces available, and comes with the potential to one day be extended to 800 spaces relatively easily as and when the need arises.

Building at least one other multi-storey car park in the town centre can free up existing surface space for further development, serve town centre workers and leisure visitors with improved parking options, as well as help transform specific areas of the town centre.

Ipswich Vision is committed to creating a parking landscape that gives us the best value parking of any large town across the region.

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