Improving major routes into the town

Transport is critical to developing most of Ipswich’s key employment sectors. By targeting the town’s key traffic corridors, this radial routes project will improve traffic flow, ease congestion, and wherever possible improve conditions for sustainable travel, such as walking and cycling. This will help businesses create access to more jobs for more people, reduce travel costs and encourage smarter ways to work.

This co-ordinated response to the town’s future traffic needs involves Ipswich Vision, Suffolk County Council and the New Anglia LEP. It will also dovetail with Ipswich Borough Council’s Public Realm Strategy as that emerges.

The initial phase of the project is a £5 million scheme funded partly by Suffolk County Council and partly from the New Anglia LEP Growth Deal. It has been split into two parts following the release of an initial £2.5 million from the LEP.

To begin with, the first phase of work has been commissioned, design work is proceeding and construction begins in 2018. The next step will be to establish those locations most affected by congestion using a detailed analysis of traffic conditions across Ipswich.

The County Council’s investing in a state-of-the-art urban traffic management and control system to improve efficiency at signalised junctions. However, many of our junctions are not controlled by traffic signals. So some physical changes (such as junction widening, or increasing the number of traffic lanes) will also be needed to improve flow at some signalled junctions where demand far exceeds capacity.

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