Pilot scheme for a digital high street

The world of innovation, digital and technology is having an enormous impact on the consumer, on businesses and on high streets, towns and city centres. And this project will explore ways of extending multi-channel marketing to create a vibrant digital town centre.

For example, innovations such as Yoohopp! lets shoppers browse and buy from local high street shops online and collect their purchases in our town centre when it’s most convenient. Products from independent stores are showcased alongside big high street names, offering an unparalleled, uniquely local online shopping experience.

Shopping is still one of our nation’s most popular pastimes. Ipswich Borough Council and Ipswich Central are currently determining the scope of this project to take into account what shoppers and retailers in Ipswich Town Centre need now and might need in the future.

Imagine being in Ipswich Town Centre and getting an alert telling you that something you’ve had your eye on is available at a great price just yards away. Imagine creating a new scheme for a child’s bedroom and getting feedback on your ideas from family and friends, together with retailers offering suggestions of products available nearby in real-time.

Thanks to innovations like these, the digital revolution can not only help us feel more connected in our town centre, it can also help make us feel less isolated, too.

Transforming the town centre’s digital influence has a direct impact on footfall as it allows shoppers to not only find what they’re looking for more easily, but it also helps businesses make their products and services more visible the moment they’re needed – helping the town centre to feel increasingly relevant and important to consumers.

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