Publish a residential development strategy for 2,000 new homes

Ipswich is in a period of strong population growth. Our town boasts strong connections that make national and international travel comfortable and straightforward. House prices are also competitive, driving residential sales as well as lettings for residents and commuters for miles around.

Combine all this with ready access to a number of vibrant leisure options within easy reach, studies conclude that the town’s rapid growth is set to continue for some time to come.

More homes in the centre of Ipswich will bring vitality and economic growth to the area. One estimate suggests that constructing new homes could generate an additional £7.9m gross value yearly for the local economy.

And what’s good for the local economy is good for business, which in turn is good for jobs.

Subsequently, Ipswich Vision is looking to develop a residential development strategy that will establish 2,000 more homes in and around the town centre, all completed well before the Local Plan objective of 2031.

This new strategy will secure available sites to build new housing, secure a good mix of well-designed housing types and tenures, while looking for opportunities to lock in government funding for housing.

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