Publish a strategy for markets

Ipswich’s various markets bring dynamism and variety to our town centre. And market shopping is still hugely popular. So with the work on the Cornhill sparking the need to decide on a new market location, there’s an opportunity to consider how we can encourage more stalls and greater diversity.

As part of the Cornhill project and the pedestrianisation of Queen Street, a new plan will be produced to ensure the various markets that exist are managed and planned effectively. This will consider alternative market locations and different types of markets to add to the town’s existing programme.

This plan has implications for the Cornhill redevelopment, and the location of the Ipswich Market while the Cornhill is being developed and after it has been completed.

Stallholders who trade from the Cornhill have agreed to the weekly market’s new location, which will run from the end of Queen Street at the junction of Friars Street, and will continue up past Giles Statue and along the side of the Town Hall near Waitrose and Barclays.

To assess the progress of these changes, Ipswich Central will consult with town centre businesses, while Ipswich Borough Council will consult directly with market traders, as well as the public via its website and through the local press.

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