Remodel the Star Lane gyratory & Novotel roundabout

The Star Lane gyratory sees a lot of traffic at peak times as it provides a key route between the town centre and south-east Ipswich.

The Upper Orwell Crossing project will take significant traffic volume away from the gyratory and should allow it to be remodelled and revamped. This development could reduce congestion, boost air quality, make it easier for people to walk and cycle in this area, as well as improve bus access to the town centre and Ipswich Waterfront.

Evaluating now how best to do this in preparation for the Upper Orwell Crossing enables us to give serious consideration to how the gyratory can be improved to help reconnect the town centre with the Waterfront.

Following a study by urban planners, one such proposal has been developed to remodel the roads around Ipswich Waterfront, and the County Council in particular will be considering this for implementation.

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