Re-setting the Cornhill at the heart of our town centre

The Cornhill is the liveliest and most important pedestrianised area in Ipswich, and one of our most valuable civic assets. As a publicly owned space, Ipswich Vision has identified the square as ideal for priority investment with a bold new design.

The streets of Ipswich town centre are among the oldest in Britain and contain some of the most statuesque buildings in our county. This dynamic development will maximise their presentation and help provide the exceptional shopping and leisure experience needed if Ipswich is to succeed.

Complete with a major art installation, increased seating, trees and a stylish water feature, the Cornhill redevelopment plans have been designed in detail to create a unique setting for outside performing arts and events to flourish – both small scale and large.

Work has now begun to remodel the square into an all-new focal point for a transformed Ipswich town centre – shaping the impression of a town that means business. You can expect to see this exciting new scheme completed by Christmas 2018.

Leading this project is Ipswich Borough Council on behalf of Ipswich Vision, for which the total funding of £3.6m has already been secured from four of the Vision partners – namely Suffolk County Council, the New Anglia LEP, Ipswich Central, as well as Ipswich Borough Council itself.

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