Archaeological dig uncovers artifacts on Turret Lane

July 20, 2018

Many historic artefacts have been unearthed during an archaeological survey at a building site in Ipswich. Work has started on the old EADT site, in preparation for the building of a retirement home consisting of apartments and houses.

The site in Lower Brook Street is assumed to be part of the original location of the historical St Peter’s Priory. This later became Cardinal Wolsey’s College.

The work is being carried out by Oxford Archaeological East. They have unearthed pieces dating back from anglo-saxon and roman times although the roman remains are not thought to have originated in Ipswich.

Artefacts recovered include pottery, needles, whetstone, brooches, and the wheel of a roman toy chariot.

The structural remains of buildings believed to be the Wolsey College can also be seen. These remains date from 1528 when the college first opened to students. However, the college was never completed as Wolsey fell out of favour with Henry VIII and the buildings were demolished.

Terry Hunt, Vision Chair speaking to Ipswich Star on Friday 20th July said “the Development of this part of the town is a really important step in the regeneration of Ipswich, meaning more people will be living in the town centre and also helping to link the exciting waterfront with the traditional shopping area, which is key to the Vision’s Strategy”