Discover the Seahorses of Ipswich

August 9, 2018

The Ipswich coat of arms has two seahorses on it that represent the town’s maritime power and heritage as an internationally significant port town.

The coat of arms can be found on many of the historic buildings around Ipswich. The Seahorse trail will help visitors and residents find all these and in addition 10 specially designed seahorse statues. These statues can be found on a special trail map produced by All About Ipswich and available at key locations in town, including the Tourist Information Centre. It can also be downloaded from

The seahorses on the coat of arms are actually Neptune’s seahorses. In Ancient Roman mythology these creatures were half fish half horse and they pulled Neptune’s chariot through the oceans. The seahorses look very similar to our aquatic seahorses that are found in many of our seas. Neptune Quay and Neptune Marina is named after this.

The shield in the middle of the coat of arms is based on the arms of the “Cinque ports”. These were five harbour towns in the south of England that were closely linked by trade and shipbuilding to Ipswich. The other symbols such as the lion, three ships and the knight’s helmet all represent England’s maritime power and naval strength

The trail is also designed to raise awareness of the plight of the seas and the effect of plastic pollution. The trail maps contain valuable information on reducing waste and pollution.

The trail runs until 2nd September.